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Technical Details:

Although captive balloons belong to the oldest of aircrafts, the HighFlyer is a marvel of modern technology. With its 23 metre diameter, the balloon has a volume of 6,400 cubic metres - twice as much as that of the local Alster indoor swimming pool!

Filled with helium (non-flammable), the balloon is capable of lifting 4.5 tonnes - more than enough to lift up its own weight, that of the gondola and 30 persons. A 22 mm wide steel cable securely connects the balloon to the ground. Despite having only the same thickness as that of a thumb, the cable is completely safe, ie. the rope can withstand a weight of up to 4.5 tonnes.

The 150 m long cable is connected to a cable winch on the ground, which is controlled by the pilots per remote control. For safety reasons, there is a second set of controls on the ground as well as an emergency power-generating set, which is automatically activated if there is a power failure. As a third option, the steel cable can also be controlled manually.

Your safety is our priority. The HighFlyer has been approved by the aviation authorities as being an aircraft and is solely controlled by specially trained pilots. The pilots are in radio contact with air traffic control and constantly monitor the weather conditions. The Federal Office of Aviation in Germany have approved the maintenance of the balloon in Hamburg and thorough inspections of the technical equipment are carried out daily. The HighFlyer is the 33rd balloon produced by the French manufacturer Aerophile. Aerophile balloons operate accident-free in 40 locations worldwide.


HighFlyer in high mooring position:
Max. height reached by gondola:
Max. height reached by tip of balloon:
Size of advertising space:
Max. amount of passengers:

33 metres
150 metres
185 metres
1,520 square metres
2,500 kilograms
5,570 cubic metres

HiFlyer für Hamburg
parking position at normal winds

HiFlyer für Hamburg
parking position at high winds